As a micro angel investor, I'm diving deep into the realm of angel investing by making several calculated small bets.

My focus is on supporting businesses that merge good design with genuine utility. And beyond the products, I'm backing companies that aim for a sustainable, positive impact on our world and actively uplift underrepresented founders.

Messaging Automation For All
Equity Crowdfunding For Creatives
Cardiac Monitoring System
Personalized Email Platform
Gourmet Holistic Dog Food
Talent for Inclusive Companies
Upgrade Your Wallet Security
Pioneering Hybrid Offshore Power
Up-Cycled Potting Soil
Damn Good Cocktails
*Acquired by New Alchemy Distilling
Venture Fund For Underrepresented Founders
Health-Enhancing Apparel
E-Commerce Platform For Creators
Blockchain For Sustainability
Video Game Publishing Platform
* Acquired by Republic
Clean Tequila Seltzers
The News You Need
High Velocity Venture Studio
Archival Platform For Classic Games
* Acquired by Atari
Luxury Candy Boutique
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